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Did you know our gut health has a major impact on mental health? CBG can help to restore and maintain a balance between the gut brain connection and restore homeostasis.  CBG or Cannabigerol is reported to be neuro protectant,  anti-inflammatory, prevent free radicals in the body and nervous system, and reduces or blocks destruction of nerve cells controling movement and sensation. Daily use of CBG includes relief from inflammation, pain, nausea, nerve pain, IBS, Crohn's,  and diverticulitis. CBG increases Gabba chemicals in the nervous system that slow things down and can help reduce anxiety. 

Connect Tincture

    • Relief from inflammation, pain, and nerve pain
    • Relief from IBS, Crohn's, and Diverticulitis
    • Reduces anxiety
  • 1200mg CBD / 600mg CBG - 1oz.


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