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Use our Activate Salve as a preemptive strike against injury and inflammation. This blend of uplifting terpene profiles and cannabinoids used as a preventative, will give you the advantage you need to stay active and healthy in your workout routine or everyday life. Activate Salve is meant to be used throughout the day or prior to physical activity. The formulation offers a systemic delivery of cannabinoids,citrus based terpenes, and essential oils that are made to up regulate the nervous system while delivering relief from pain, and inflammation. It's light and cheery and feels like wearing sunshine.

Transdermal Activate Salve

    • Reduce or eliminate pain
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Reduce, or eliminate muscle pain, stiffness, and joint pain
    • Preventative use to reduce injury
    • Aids in facilitating healing of minor, bruising, strains, tissue damage.
    • Uplifting and positive energy
  • 1000mg CBD / 500mg CBG – 2oz

    CBD, CBG, Energetic Terpenes, Orange Oil, Emu Oil, Peppermint

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