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Slather this fast-acting remedy on at the first sign of migraine or headache symptoms and keep going.


No one has time for migraines or headaches and we know just how you feel. This formulation was made specifically to relieve both. This transdermal Headache Salve combines cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils that work on optic nerve pain. It reduces inflammation and pain caused by acute headaches or migraines. Apply on wrists, temples, neck, forehead, etc, every 10- 15 minutes until relief is achieved. Comes in tins or a handy travel stick for treatment on the go. Give our soothing, minty remedy a try!

Transdermal Headache Salve

    • Relieves pain from tension, stress, or dehydration headaches
    • Relieves visuals from optic migraines
    • Relieves acute migraines
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Facilitates healing
    • Cooling peppermint sensation helps relieves pain and reduces nausea from headache
  • Salve - 10:1, 1000mgCBD/100mgCBC – 2oz

    CBD, CBC, Relieving Terpenes, Magnesium, Blue Tansy, Peppermint Oil, Emu Oil

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