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Rub it on and recovery awaits.


Formulated to reduce pain and inflammation, this transdermal salve delivers the relief you need. Use as needed to reduce or relieve pain or inflammation from head to toe. The "OG" Recovery Salve offers a systemic application using cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and essential oils, meant to calm, or down regulate the nervous system and aid in pain relief. It also smells fantastic!

Transdermal Recovery Salve

    • Reduce or eliminate pain
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Reduce, or eliminate muscle pain, stiffness, and joint pain.
    • Aids in facilitating healing of minor, bruising, strains, tissue damage, cuts, scrapes, bug bites and burns.
    • Reduces or relieves muscle spasms
    • Reduces pain from arthritis
    • Calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Salve - 1000mg CBD / 500mg CBN – 2oz

    CBD, CBN, Calming Terpenes, Blue Tansy Oil, Emu Oil

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