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About Us

About Us

How Our Story Began
Jason Mecler

My name is Jason Mecler and I am a cannabis/hemp product developer and educator. I discovered the benefits of cannabis out of necessity when the traditional medical field failed me. I was diagnosed with chronic lyme, bartonella, babesia, rocky mountain spotted fever, AS, and a double mutation of my MTHFR gene making it difficult to detox. Tick borne illness can cause symptoms ranging from chronic debilitating pain, mobility limitations, fatigue, and mental health disorders. I have been able to manage most of these by using cannabis. I dove into the cannabis industry to find relief and healing for my chronic tick borne illnesses and to stop using pain  medications. In turn I was able to help others find relief using my products as well. This was not my plan but I quickly realized the impact my products had on others suffering from multiple health issues and decided to put them out there to help those who needed to find something that worked for them as well.

I found the education needed in the world of cannabis by studying the work and research from the Trichome Institute (Max Montrose), Dr. Ethan Russo, Jorge Cervantes, and Raphael Mechoulam among other experts in the industry.


With the gentle nudging of my wife and others along the way, we launched Cosmec Healing. We are a small, family owned business with a goal to educate and provide resources and products that actually help people. Our products are in compliance with federal hemp laws, all ingredients are of the highest quality, organic - if possible, and our terpenes and cannabinoids are 3rd party tested.


Cannabis medicine is not for everyone but our success rate is high and we hope it works for you. I appreciate you taking the time to read a little about my journey and would be happy to help you with yours.

Jason Mecler

Owner, Educator, & Cannabis & Hemp Product Developer

To access our comprehensive collection of product certificates of analysis, kindle click on the link provided below.


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We kindly invite you to explore our range of products, allowing you to discover the one that aligns most closely with your needs. If you ever find yourself with questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to connect with us through email, phone, or social media. We genuinely care about our customers, and our utmost desire is to assist you in achieving the greatest success on your health journey. Your well-being is of paramount importance to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

For wholesale opportunities, please contact Jason at


Alexis Holland

"This family puts their heart into providing information, resources, and high quality, effective all natural pain relief products for their customers. Their ointment has brought me such incredible pain relief from frozen shoulder and allows me to sleep at night. I highly recommend Cosmec Healing!"
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